"Donna was kind in her suggestions that I could dress better and gently coaxed me to update my look with styling that enhanced my figure. Being on television, it was important to me to look current, but not trendy. She designed and selected clothing from her boutique that I still get complements on today. She made everyone special and took time to create looks that not only looked good on us, but also reflected our personalities. The boutique’s name, Girlfriends, was true to the concept."

Television Personality
Anita Rogers

Girlfriends Boutique

A boutique and design shop

Donna opened a boutique called, Girlfriends Boutique, and filled the small store with her own fashion designs, upscale sample lines from other designers, and created a truly one-of-a kind inventory.

Her customers included hundreds of women in the Tampa Bay area, and also some celebrities. Guiding Light Soap Opera Stars, Barbara Compton and Jean Carol, Cosmopolitan writer, Pat Sellers, and hundreds of professional and working women, and socialites were Donna’s costumers.

Donna learned from her experience in producing Oh Donna! Just how difficult and expensive it is to sell a clothing line. Only a few of the lines presented for manufacturing/sales every make it to the stores. Lack of funds or over priced production costs resulted in many beautiful samples out there with not where to go.  Handbags and accessories that never produced were plentiful and Donna found them and put then in Girlfriends Boutique.

Producing over 700 of her own pieces from her workshop throughout the 7 year operation of the shop, Donna created individual, one-of-a kind garments for hundreds of her customers in the Florida west coast communities.

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