I have known Donna Riggs for over 20 years and have been fortunate to watch her imagination come to life through the beautiful clothing and costumes she designs. I have been fortunate to have some gorgeous, unique pieces designed just for me.

Donna created a very exclusive black lace floor length gown for me years ago.  I loved this gown and wore it for several different occasions, from New Year's Eve parties to dinner on the town. When my husband was killed in a tragic accident several years ago, and as I searched my closet for just the right thing to wear to honor him at his funeral, my eyes instantly fell on that timeless, beautiful black gown and I remembered the many wonderful times I had with my husband while wearing this gown. My decision was made. I proudly wore this gown to his funeral and felt the comfort that Donna had so lovingly sewn into every stitch surround me. It was perfect.

Renee Bierbaum,
Master Yogi

Oh Donna!

Clothing Line - Donna Riggs Design

Donna was enjoying designing for Tian Collections when the uprising in Tiananmen Square halted the company’s production in Hong Kong. Shortly after, Tian Collections manufacturing was over.

Donna decided to design and market her own line of clothing and called it, Oh Donna!, from her best friend’s response to the clothes.

She likes the comfort and easy care of 100% cotton denim and set out to design the underestimated fabric with a sophisticated look. By using uncharacteristic colors and building rich unrelated fabrics right into the garments, she created a smart, stylish and tailored look, sometimes fraying the fabric and embroidering on it. She designed more room in the booty, tapered to a smaller waist, and a longer inseam for high heels and boots

Donna Riggs sold three pieces from the line to Home Shopping Network in 1990. She designed, patterned, and created tech packs and samples lines and then went on to supervise the production of the sale in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, which has given her experience in all facets of clothing production.

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