When it comes to the "ins" and "outs" of illustration, Donna is the greatest.  With a pen and her intuition, she can transform any concept into reality.

Wade Smith

Conceptual Illustration

This page includes a sampling of Donna’s skills in conceptualizing and illustrating ideas relative to costume design and construction.

With two university degrees and years of experience, Donna’s skill in visual interpretation speaks for itself in illustration, logo development, and all facets of graphic representation. Her accomplishments have been published and she has won numerous national awards for illustration and design.

Her skills include computer-generated illustration, traditional artist techniques and styles in most any medium, and 3D interpretations as well.

Combined with technical sewing skills, and Donna can successfully take an idea to a finished product, assuring that what is envisioned on paper is represented in the tangible piece.

Sometimes the conceptualization can be a simple, low cost computer-generated interpretation, or an elaborate illustration that not only portrays the look of the costume, but the attitude of the wearer and the environment that it represents as well.

She can create from your imagination, a photo, or sketch, and create a professional representation. From that, she can pattern and construct to bring your idea to life. Or, she is able to listen and create from simply what you wish to accomplish.

Check out Donna's Illustration and Design site at: designandillustration-donnariggs.com

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